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  1. XYS-L911 Sand Disc
  2. XYS-L911 Sand Disc
  3. XYS-L911 Sand Disc

XYS-L911 Sand Disc

  • BrandXYS

​L911 film sand disc adopts high-quality ore, strong resin adhesive and special stearic acid backing, which effectively provides product performance and life. Excellent surface finishing effect, strong adhesion of the surface film, less the problem of tearing during the grinding process.

  1. Profile


Abrasive material: Brown alumina

Basis material: Polyester film

Adhesive: Phenolic resin

Planting sand density: Sparse type

Grit range: P60-P2000


XYS-L911 film sand disc used superior grit,powerful resin adhesive and special stearic acid as base material,product performance and life improved effectively.Possessing superior surface finishing effect,surface film have strong resilience power and not easily tear up during grinding.


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