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  2. XYS Smart electric round grinding
  3. XYS Smart electric round grinding

XYS Smart electric round grinding

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green energy tool,compared with the traditional tool energy can be saved.

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green energy tool,compared with the traditional tool  energy can be saved.

 highest-efficient grinding tool in world

 Combine most advanced technology to perfect ergonomic.

Traditional way to start grinder needs 5HP energy compressor,it means 3730W consumed

Smart electric grinder only need 150w power to start!

·low noise

·dust prevention design

·grinding condition monitored by computer

·different rotate speed can be set in advance according to various grinding requirements.

Smart grinder will be your choice at a large scale of energy-saving 

① compared with other brand power 150W(30V、5A) is more efficient to the usage effect!

②“Low-Profile”with the design to lower body,user can achieve better operation feeling and reduce uncomfortable feeling caused by vibration!

③  Afterbody reveals  the best ergonomic design,users will feel more comfortable and operation efficient can be improved too.

④Special soft material covers body can absorb and reduce uncomfortable caused by vibration!

⑤engine design tool life can be prolonged efficiently!

⑥fan blade design!

⑦Grinder rotational speed can be slight adjusted by pressing height on trigger!

⑧Rotational button can be debugged,with accelerate and decelerate speed function speed requirement can be meet.


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