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    Electric Square Grinder

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    specification length*width:198 * 70 (mm) Excentricity:3(mm) Vacuum Type:Central vacuum type Tray type:velcro-backed (hook and loop)

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    length*width:198 * 70 (mm)
    Vacuum Type:Central vacuum type
    Tray type:velcro-backed (hook and loop)
    Maximum rotational speed:10000RPM
    Minimum rotational speed:7000RPM   
    Tool length:304mm
    Tool height:129mm 
    Net weight:1.04KG

    Product feature

    ● direct current carbon-free brush
    ● maximum 350watt(230VAC),more effective)

    ● low central gravity ergonomics body design,tool life increased

    ● Y type contains double-way pipe vacuum  and double layer fan blade design,tool life increased.

    ●sander rotation speed can be slightly adjusted by the height of trigger pressing,rotation speed adjustable button installed upper of the tool,high-low rotation speed available according to the needs. 


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